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The original idea behind Blippi was conceived by two Swedish brothers: Fredrik Segerfeldt and Peter Bergling. They were looking for ways to entertain their kids after school hours. They thought about making a game or a book but they didn’t like those options because they felt that it would be too difficult for younger kids. So they decided to make a character instead.

Fredrik had previously worked as a producer at Disney and he knew how important it was to have characters that kids could relate to. He said that if you want your kid to play with your toy then you need to give them a real character. That’s why Blippi was born. Fredrik and Peter started working on Blippi together. They spent months developing the story and designing the look of Blippi. After that they took some time off from work to focus on Blippi full-time.

When Blippi became more popular than expected, the brothers realized that there was no way they could continue working on Blippi alone. So they asked their friends to help out. Together they developed the concept of Blippi The Musical.

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